New Taurus AR-15? Way Cool Or Way Over Priced?

guns.comTaurus is not messing around with it’s entry into the crowded AR-15 market with the unveiling of it’s complete line of T4AS rifles.

The T4AS series, introduced at the 146th National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, all share a forged aluminum lower with a Magpul trigger guard, CTR buttstock, and MOE grip mated to a T-marked A3 upper.

Touting the Taurus bull head on display, each of the new AR-15’s is easily recognized as purely Taurus who claims MIL-DTL-71186A standards are exceeded with the low profile gas block design.

Taurus advertises that the T4AS series has a 10,000 round barrel life and a similar mean rounds between stoppages figure, largely chalked up to the Melonite treating given every critical component. During the development process, Taurus pumped over 300,000 rounds through T&E models.

While the bells and whistles are great, many are claiming the AR market in the U.S. is so over-saturated that the Taurus line is overpriced at $1199. Time will tell.

What does one expect, Taurus has gone out, purchased parts from separate vendors, assembled the parts and expect to turn a profit. Ain’t going to happen, I am all too happy with my Savage, Mossberg, S&W, Ruger and Daniels AR’s to give a newcomer that is over pricing their products by about $600. read more at