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buy top rated solar power station

Top Rated Solar Generators Under $200

With the coronavirus on the move more and more people are buying survival and camping gear in an attempt to stay ready for emergency situations.

While gas generators are ideal for powering whole houses, in some cases they can be overkill.

buy top rated solar power station

A new line of portable solar power stations has currently hit the market allowing people with the option to have a lightweight, quiet and easy to use a power source that is rechargeable via standard outlets or solar panels.

These solar power stations can charge items like cell phones, tablets, flashlights, emergency radios, laptops, and more.

While they are not powerful enough to power an entire home like the larger gas-powered generators, they do have substantial charging power for smaller items.

Here is a break down of some of the best solar power generators under $200. This list features some of the best options for survival and camping