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How To Buy The Best Purse Holster

concealed purse holstersWe get a lot of inquiries from women looking for the best purse holster for concealed carry. It’s no surprise that like shoes, women are rather particular about the design and style of their purses. As a guy, have you ever bought your wife a girlfriend a purse that she hasn’t quickly brought back to the store for a return or exchange? Probably not. Some things are best left off the gift list!

Because of this, many ladies decide to shy away from purchasing an actual holster purse, and instead look for a purse with gun holster added on. Think of it as a CCW retro-fit. You already own several purses, or a couple favorite purses, why not simply add a CCW purse holster to what you are already toting around? This way you won’t have to make any fashion or design sacrifices. All the snaz and head turning fashion of your current purse with additional concealed carry enhancements.

The tricky part about gun purses with holster inside is if the handgun is drawn abruptly the purse holster needs to stay in place. With such a vast variety of purse shapes and sizes available a one-size-fits all holster can be a tricky proposition for any manufacturer.

glock purse holstersThe design needs to be sleek, not consume a lot of interior space, and keep the concealed carry handgun upright and ready to draw at all times. Fumbling around ones handbag is never ideal in an intense life or death situation.

A Purse With Gun Holster Needs To:

  • Be easy to use;
  • Not take up a lot of space;
  • Stay put and not pull out with the weapon;
  • Be easy to access;
  • Be lightweight and comfortable;
  • Accommodate a variety of Concealed Carry handgun sizes;

To be honest, there really wasn’t much available until recently Bluestone Safety Products designed a purse holster that we really grew fond of quickly. Bluestone is an American company actually manufacturing the majority of their products in the USA. They’ve been designing and manufacturing concealed carry holsters and gear for several years, so they really know what works and what doesn’t work.

Finally A Purse Holster That’s Affordable And Works Great!

ruger holster purse What Bluestone did was incorporate a low profile and extremely durable metal clip on the back side of the concealed carry purse insert. What really makes the clip special is how it can rotate 360 degrees. This allows one to clip the holster inside of the purse in a variety of different angles. As you know, purses are loaded with little zipper compartments, section dividers and pop open side stash sections. The design of this holster makes finding a perfect spot in an existing purse or handbag fast and easy.

And the spring steel clip is extremely tough. Once it’s clipped on to something it’s not going anywhere. This is crucial when drawing a handgun as the holster stays put, allowing the weapon to be removed quickly. Velcro on the back of the clip and holster prevents it from pivoting out of place once you find the perfect location and angle.

Unlike many made in China designs we have seen, the elastic Bluestone uses is extra thick and durable. It holds the weapon securely in place yet enables it to be drawn quickly and safely. The design also protects the trigger area to prevent accidental handgun discharges.

If you look closely at the edges of the purse holster you’ll notice the double stitched binding which is key to protect the firearm and prevent the holster from tearing out when the weapon is stuffed into place or torn out with force.

The Bluestone concealed carry purse insert is extremely versatile when it comes to handgun sizes, fitting most compact and sub-compact models. Ruger, Glock, Sig, S&W, HK, Kahr, Taurus, Berretta, Colt, Bersa and more. Even some larger models are able to call these gun purses with holster inside their home!

So I guess this begs the question: Why spend hundreds on a CCW purse or concealed carry handbag when you can retrofit what you currently sling over your shoulder into a first class purse holster you can count on for under $30?  Keep your current selection of favorite designs and styles and quickly and easily convert them to concealed carry fashion statements of your very own!