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Hunting Land Buying Tips

Here are some quick tips on how to buy hunting land for sale in Wisconsin and other states.

Finding high quality deer, turkey and waterfowl hunting land is getting more and more difficult.

Public hunting land is becoming increasingly crowded and over hunted and more and more hunters are exploring the possibilities of purchasing their own land to hunt on.

This video outlines some quick tips on how to find high quality hunting land quickly and easily.

wisconsin hunting land for sale

Remember, their are many buyers out there all looking for the same type of productive hunting land to hunt on.

When a high quality parcel becomes available for sale, it can get many offers and sell quickly.

It’s important that you are prepared to make a good offer, and that you can locate new listings the minute they go live.

If your plan is to spend hours and hours scrolling through land listings online you are setting yourself up for failure.

There is a much better way to get an advanage over other folks and find good Wisconsin hunting land for sale fast and easy!

New AR-15 Website

We’ve always been big fans of the AR-15 platform for self defense, target shooting and hunting, so when we get wind of a new AR-15 website we get a bit excited. is a forum based webiste dedicated to anything and everything AR-15. It’s a sit built by some Wisconsin based AR-15 addicts who have extensive background using and hunting with AR-15’s. Check it out today!

Old School Personal Defense: The Revolver

With concealed carry becoming increasingly legal and popular across the U.S. more and more people are looking for reliable and compact sidearms to carry around. Semi-Autos with their hi-tech sports car like appearance have taken the CCW market by storm with practically every major handgun manufacturer pumping out these compact polymer wonders.

Regardless of how costly and cool looking a semi auto is, it’s going to have one major flaw. It can jam.

Sure, revolvers can also jam, but it’s more of a freak accident when one does so. Semi-automatics, especially the new wave of micro compacts we are seeing more and more of today, are always going to be more prone to misfeeds and jams. It’s a component of Murphys Law. Revolvers have fewer moving parts, therefore there is less chance of something going wrong.

Whether you’re in the field hunting, hiking, or exploring, or in any wilderness setting, the revolver is the top choice in a handgun. For personal defense, the double-action revolver may be a bit less popular nowadays, but it’s every bit as good a choice as it ever was.

outdoorlife.comRevolvers can also take much more misuse and neglect. Dust, dirt, lack of proper cleaning and TLC will bring most autoloaders to their knees. Revolvers, on the other hand, will keep on firing. And let’s not forget about stopping ability:

Revolvers can be chambered for much more powerful cartridges than semi-auto handguns, which makes them the clear choice in a wilderness setting, where the predators are on four legs and can be big, tough, and tenacious.

There’s also the safety factor. Any single or double action revolver is going to be safer than a semi-automatic where the second round is only a hair trigger away from being fired.

If your on the hunt for a new CCW weapon, don’t forget to check out the latest revolvers. Ultra compact, reliable and more and more designs are featuring popular CCW calibers like .380 and 9mm. read more at

Getting Personal With A 450 Bushmaster Bolt Action

Originally designed as an AR-15 round, the 450 Bushmaster is seeing an increase in demand in states like Michigian where shotgiun only deer hunting zones are being opened up to a wider variety of weapon types. Ruger has released a bolt action American Ranch Rifle in this large .450 caliber with hopes of taking advantage of these hunting regulation changes.

The new Ruger .450 Bushmaster American Rifle Ranch is the third member of the American bolt-action line designed to fire AR-15 semi-automatic cartridges, including models chambered for the .223 Rem. and .300 Blackout. The 16.12″ cold-hammer-forged barrel is free-floated and has a muzzle threaded at 11/16-24 TPI. The muzzle is then fitted at the factory with a specially designed muzzle brake secured by an adjustable barrel nut in place of a crush washer.

As is the case with most high quality Ruger bolt action rifles, the .450 is fitted with an integral Power Bedding block system which is responsible for much of the rifles accuracy in additon to the adjustable trigger:

The Ruger Marksman single-stage adjustable trigger provides the feel and performance of aftermarket upgrades, which are often fairly expensive to buy. An Allen screw mounted to the front of the assembly (which is exposed when the action is removed from the stock) can be used to shift the trigger pull weight from 3 lbs. to 5 lbs. This particular trigger was set to 4 lbs. 4 oz. when it arrived, and exhibited a clean, crisp break with almost no overtravel. The safety lever found in the center of the trigger, much like that of a Savage Accutrigger or Glock pistol, locks the trigger and prevents it from cycling until it’s properly depressed by a finger tip.

The price tag on these well built, american made rifles is surprisingly affordable with scoped models selling in the $450 range. Granted they aren’t walnut stocked show stoppers, but for the money they offer excellent accuracy and dependability with some serious stopping power. Finding .450 rounds can be a bit of a challenge with only a few ammunition companies offering them at the moment but this problem should be short lives as the popularity of this cartridge grows. Read more at


New Taurus AR-15? Way Cool Or Way Over Priced?

guns.comTaurus is not messing around with it’s entry into the crowded AR-15 market with the unveiling of it’s complete line of T4AS rifles.

The T4AS series, introduced at the 146th National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, all share a forged aluminum lower with a Magpul trigger guard, CTR buttstock, and MOE grip mated to a T-marked A3 upper.

Touting the Taurus bull head on display, each of the new AR-15’s is easily recognized as purely Taurus who claims MIL-DTL-71186A standards are exceeded with the low profile gas block design.

Taurus advertises that the T4AS series has a 10,000 round barrel life and a similar mean rounds between stoppages figure, largely chalked up to the Melonite treating given every critical component. During the development process, Taurus pumped over 300,000 rounds through T&E models.

While the bells and whistles are great, many are claiming the AR market in the U.S. is so over-saturated that the Taurus line is overpriced at $1199. Time will tell.

What does one expect, Taurus has gone out, purchased parts from separate vendors, assembled the parts and expect to turn a profit. Ain’t going to happen, I am all too happy with my Savage, Mossberg, S&W, Ruger and Daniels AR’s to give a newcomer that is over pricing their products by about $600. read more at








R.I.P. Or Not So Much?

guns.comWith ZOMBIE KILLING ammo so totally 2016 it looks like we have another “Must Have” personal defense round hitting the market this year. Is it all that it’s being touted as?

Besides throwing up a little in my mouth after watching the shooter on the video continue to ride the recoil by deliberately keeping the gun up after the shot goes off, this ammo does look rather devastating.  But, as always, time will tell and, speaking of time tested rounds, I’m not really sure what separates this round’s performance from any other dozen examples of well known, high quality pistol ammo. The Radically Invasive Projectile, as it’s called, can “RIP” through all types of barriers, like gelatin, plywood, and water balloons, according to the video.

The rounds look like something that Mark Wahlberg should be battling in a Michael Bay flick. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the design does look like a rapid fire feed nightmare. Time will tell as more and more shooters buy this hi-tech new round and we hear more about how they are performing in real life. They sure look like they can put some serious hurt on a glob of ballistic gel though!



New Handguns 2017

New and exciting handguns for 2017 were all over the SHOT show. From the latest CCW semi-autos to the latest full size hunting revolvers.

It’s Day Three of the 2017 SHOT Show, and after of hours scouring the show floor and handling every new handgun I could get my mitts on, I’ve found 10 new models to drool over. Priced from $300 to $1,700, you’re sure to find one you’ll want to stick in your belt, put under your pillow, or hide under the card table. Here are my picks.

The concealed carry market continues to expand with these new and exciting offerings from the industries top gun makers. It’s always exciting to see the newest offerings on the floor at the SHOT show.


Taurus has enhanced their unique Curve semi-automatic handgun with an integral Viridian red laser and light that is bright, has a long battery life, features an instant-on mode integrated into the trigger shield, and even has a strobe mode. So equipped, the new Curve offers shooters a complete light-and-laser pistol system out of the box. It weighs a scant 13 ounces, is only 5.2 inches long, and has an MSRP of $419.