Old School Personal Defense: The Revolver

With concealed carry becoming increasingly legal and popular across the U.S. more and more people are looking for reliable and compact sidearms to carry around. Semi-Autos with their hi-tech sports car like appearance have taken the CCW market by storm with practically every major handgun manufacturer pumping out these compact polymer wonders.

Regardless of how costly and cool looking a semi auto is, it’s going to have one major flaw. It can jam.

Sure, revolvers can also jam, but it’s more of a freak accident when one does so. Semi-automatics, especially the new wave of micro compacts we are seeing more and more of today, are always going to be more prone to misfeeds and jams. It’s a component of Murphys Law. Revolvers have fewer moving parts, therefore there is less chance of something going wrong.

Whether you’re in the field hunting, hiking, or exploring, or in any wilderness setting, the revolver is the top choice in a handgun. For personal defense, the double-action revolver may be a bit less popular nowadays, but it’s every bit as good a choice as it ever was.

outdoorlife.comRevolvers can also take much more misuse and neglect. Dust, dirt, lack of proper cleaning and TLC will bring most autoloaders to their knees. Revolvers, on the other hand, will keep on firing. And let’s not forget about stopping ability:

Revolvers can be chambered for much more powerful cartridges than semi-auto handguns, which makes them the clear choice in a wilderness setting, where the predators are on four legs and can be big, tough, and tenacious.

There’s also the safety factor. Any single or double action revolver is going to be safer than a semi-automatic where the second round is only a hair trigger away from being fired.

If your on the hunt for a new CCW weapon, don’t forget to check out the latest revolvers. Ultra compact, reliable and more and more designs are featuring popular CCW calibers like .380 and 9mm. read more at outdoorlife.com