R.I.P. Or Not So Much?

guns.comWith ZOMBIE KILLING ammo so totally 2016 it looks like we have another “Must Have” personal defense round hitting the market this year. Is it all that it’s being touted as?

Besides throwing up a little in my mouth after watching the shooter on the video continue to ride the recoil by deliberately keeping the gun up after the shot goes off, this ammo does look rather devastating.  But, as always, time will tell and, speaking of time tested rounds, I’m not really sure what separates this round’s performance from any other dozen examples of well known, high quality pistol ammo. The Radically Invasive Projectile, as it’s called, can “RIP” through all types of barriers, like gelatin, plywood, and water balloons, according to the video.

The rounds look like something that Mark Wahlberg should be battling in a Michael Bay flick. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the design does look like a rapid fire feed nightmare. Time will tell as more and more shooters buy this hi-tech new round and we hear more about how they are performing in real life. They sure look like they can put some serious hurt on a glob of ballistic gel though!

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