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Survival Crossbows

Survival and “prepping” is on a lot of peoples minds as of late.

While the Corona virus isn’t super wicked like Ebola or Spanish flu, it’s fast and furious spread has many people thinking about being prepared.

top rated crossbows for saleOne of the most popular weapons in survival situations is the modern crossbow.

Unlike firearms which require cartridges to fire, crossbows can be fired over and over again using the same arrows.

This makes them ideal for survival situations where resources like ammunition for guns may be scarce.

Our friends over at TotalCrossbow.com have posted a great article on the best crossbow reviews for survival situations.

What’s important to realize is a good survival crossbow is not going to be the fastest or have the most elaborate bells and whistles.

In fact, like all good survival tools, it’s best to have just basic features that will not break over time and will be extrememly durable.

Many of the crossbow styles chosen in the post are simple re-curve crossbows or the more baasic compound crossbow designs that tend to be more robust.

They may not shoot the fastest, or look super cool and hi-tech, but these crosssbow designs are built for the long run with strings that can be easily changes without a bow press.

Good to know for sure!